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    Mexico City Itinerary Must-Dos for First Timers

    Create a Mexico City itinerary fast with this list. On your first visit to Mexico City, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things to do on vacation. Sitting at 7,349′ (2,240 m) elevation, Mexico City is surrounded by twenty-three volcanoes and was built on top of a lake when the Aztecs settled the area, then known as Tenochtitlán. After conquest, the Spanish drained the lake in a failed attempt to find fertile soil and built Mexico City on top of the Aztec ruins. You can still see remnants of this around…

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    How to Pack: Carry On

    Ask many experienced travelers how they travel and many will talk about their carry-on. These are bags that you carry-on with you when flying airlines or other forms of transport.…

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    Travel Lover Gifts

    This list of travel lover gifts has options for that wanderlust person in your life. Whether they visit somewhere new every weekend or plan the big trip every few years,…